The Edge IOT network uniquely provides secure, private connectivity from the remote device to the final data destination. Edge provides all the components required for a complete, end-to-end IOT solution.

Device Interface Module (DIM)

The Edge DIM is a small Linux-based computing module that physically connects to the customer device via Ethernet, USB, serial, or GPIO. The DIM contains an integrated radio and antenna, and enables the transfer of data from the machine to the network, and for communication from the network to the machine. The DIM provides enhanced network security and data accuracy, performs error correction and data encryption, and is PCI and HIPAA compliant.

Software & Hardware Integration

Edge's Developer Staff perform the required software and hardware integration required to interface the customer device to the Edge Device Interface Module. Examples of typical requirements are to parse machine data files for applications and/or transmission, and to load customer or 3rd party agent software onto the DIM.

Edge Private Cloud

The Edge Private Cloud creates a secure, private LAN for your IOT data transmission, including:
  • A VPN Concentrator that establishes VPNs from the DIM to the Edge Data Center
  • Upstream secure Internet access to provides upstream internet access to and from EVPCC
  • Firewalls to secure the DIM, EVPCC, and access to and from the internet Hosts Virtual Machines and/or customer physical iron
  • The Edge Translation And Control server (ETACS) platform that enables remote access and control of DIM functions

3G & 4G Connectivity

The Edge DIMs and VPC are carrier agnostic and will support AT&T, or Verizon, 3G or 4G connectivity. The Edge IOT VPC approach enhances the standard ATT and Verizon cellular Internet connectivity with secure private networking. Edge can provide a tool to provide an onsite test at customer device location to determine strongest signal Secure from the device location.

Application & Storage Hosting

Edge's secure network is based in geo-redundant Tier-1 carrier data centers in Dallas and New York. Customer-owned and managed server environments may also be established at the Edge Data Centers.

Monitoring and Management

Edge's Network Operations Center features the revolutionary Totem Telepresence Monitoring System (TTMS) network management system.

TTMS is uniquely able to efficiently monitor the vast volumes of data and events generated by large IOT networks

Our Monitoring & Management features include:
  • Realtime continuous monitoring of statuses/conditions/states
  • Automated analysis and correlation of collected data
  • Continuous evaluation of high volumes of monitored conditions via data visualization
  • Advanced diagnostic and repair tools
  • Immediate solution information provided by the Edge knowledgebase
  • Administered by a highly trained staff of technicians 24/7
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